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Hebrews Brewery est. 2017

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porter beer and pretzels

Our Genesis Porter Beer

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and we created our Genesis Porter beer. This a full flavor and award winning English Porter that you'll love!

Genesis: Style - English Porter, ABV - 5.15, IBU - 28

Saul 2 Paul IPA

From bitter to better, our Saul to Paul beer will convert you to an IPA lover.

Saul2Paul: Style - English IPA, ABV - 6.12, IBU - 63
two IPA beer glasses

The UnChurched

This blonde beer is a popular beverage among the masses. With its light taste and appearance, we decided to call it "The Unchurched"  because the popularity of this light beer just shows how many people haven't truly experienced the full flavors of our other craft beers. But that's ok, we're out to convert you all to be not only believers of Jesus, but lovers of flavor.

The UnChurched: Style - blonde, ABV - 5.1, IBU 29

"The Way" Cream Ale

If you're struggling to choose between all of our amazing craft beers, might we suggest this delicious cream ale. We only need one way or main ingredient (2 Row Grain) to provide the full flavor of this amazing cream ale. Might we also remind you that Jesus is the "the way, the truth, and the light" (John 14:6).

The Way: Style - Cream Ale, ABV - 4.72, IBU - 14

Red Letter

The style and color of this Irish Red beer reminded us of the red letters of Jesus' words in our Bibles. It's unique malty taste will make everyone question their relationship with God and with craft beer. And for those finding God, you'll never forget how the Red Letters changed your life.

Red Letter: Style - Irish Red Ale, ABV - 5.1, IBU - 29


This coffee stout will wake you from the dead just as Jesus raised Lazarus in John: 11:1-44.

Bible & Brass Knuckles

This stout beer will have you on your knees praying because it is like a punch of flavor right in the mouth.

"Lemon"tations for the Kids

Our brewery is all about the family, so fear not about having whiney thirsty little ones...we have delicious lemonade for the kids.

"Lemon"tations: Style - Non alcoholic beverage, Ingredients: Lemons, sugar, water
three glasses of lemonades