About Us

Brew Pastor Brandon reading from the Bible

Why a Beer Ministry?

We were raised in a legalistic "thou shalt not..." and "we don't drink, smoke, cuss or chew, and we don't go with those that do" kind of church. Yet the more we grew in our personal relationship with God, we felt the call to break away from the idea of "playing church." People showing up on Sundays and pretending that life was great. We love Jesus! We love the outcast, the hurt, the broken, the sinner! And we love beer! Why not be ministers on mission reaching others. At Hebrews Brewery, we not only serve some of the best home brewed beer, we also serve the love of Christ. So no matter your past or present, come have a beer with us and let's share your hopes for your future. Cheers!

Meet the Family

Hebrews Brewery is a family owned and operated mission! We are just a couple of siblings that love Jesus, love others, and love beer!

Hebrews Brewery's first major brew


Brew Pastor

Brandon is a veteran of the United States Air Force, an ordained minister, and our Pastor Brewer!

Jason Rees


Conducting the "business-side" of things

While Jason knows how to "Willie" have fun, he has some wicked business and administration skills.

Mandy May


Brewery Outreach Ministry

Mandy is an events guru and plans all Hebrews Brewery events. She is the master planner of all things fun!



Media Outreach Ministry

Bethany's "soul" mission is to help Hebrews Brewery spread the love of God and good beer to all folks everywhere!